Beat Presser


Beat Presser photographed by Ingrid Liliana Torres

I’d like to thank everyone who made this blog possible and made my voyage across the Indonesian archipelago a success. Above all Christel Mahnke at the Goethe-Institut Jakarta.

When I paid my first visit to Christel Mahnke at the Goethe-Institut Jakarta, there was a lot to discuss: Who’s going to publish the book slated for the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015? Can my photos be shown in an exhibition in Jakarta? If so, do we put out a catalogue for the show? Can we go ahead with the photo workshop planned in Jakarta as well? How are we going to fund all that? Who’s going to write the texts for the planned publications? In which languages? Who’ll translate?

Then Christel Mahnke picks up the phone, calls the Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara in Jakarta, who are to put on my big show six months later and put together the catalogueto Sea of the Ancestors, and publisher Lans Brahmantyo, who’s going to publish the book Surabaya Johnny for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. But then a whole different question comes up: would I like to write a blog about the voyage? Well, I’ve never read a blog before, I don’t know how you design or navigate through a blog, what it might look like and how much time it would take. All the same, my answer is yes!

So I contact my two web designers in Basel. They get set up in no time, I design the interface in Bali and write up the first articles, and the Goethe-Institut in Jakarta takes care of the navigation. And now, five months later, there are 30 stories to read online about my adventurous travels across the Indonesian archipelago. Plus various interviews, a CV and itinerary. In German and English.

I’d also like to thank all the Indonesians who so hospitably hosted us over the course of our expedition. Never before in my travels, which have taken me to 74 different countries so far, have I met such a great many obliging and warmhearted people.

Furthermore I’d like to express my gratitude to the following people and organizations: Organization/logistics / initiator: Christel Mahnke, assisted by Devi Veriana. Visa paperwork: Raliby Teuku. Blog: Lukas Dettwiler, Mauritz de Wijs, Wilton Djaya, Christian S. German proofreading: Vera Pechel. English proofreading Interview: Dr. Herb Golder. English translation of blog posts: Eric Rosencrantz. My two travel companions through the archipelago: Ingrid Liliana Torres (1st trip) and Antonius Bataona (2nd). My host in Jakarta: Patrick Walser. Support for the Surabaya Johnny book project: John McGlynn and Lily Yulianti And: Ikranagara, Dr. Syahriar Tato, Aco Riwan. My very special thanks go to: Goethe-Institut Jakarta, Daniel Derzic and the Swiss Embassy in Jakarta, Gunawan Widijaja and Oscar Motuloh, Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara, Jakarta, and my publisher Lans Brahmantyo, AfterhoursBooks, Jakarta.